Brandon Flynn and Miles Heizer from ’13 Reasons Why’ aren’t dating!

It’s about a girl in high school who commits suicide after feeling discouraged and hurt by traumatic circumstances. The story is regrettably real. Hannah Baker, the protagonist, details why she is going to take her life and who’s responsible for her misery. She names 12 people she blames for her pain, be it for bullying, driving under the influence of alcohol, rape, or other traumas. Finally, she ends her life in a very cruel and descriptive manner for the audience. This series has become very popular. Some say that it has even glamorized the concept of suicide, so much so that it’s on the tongue of every youth. The majority of youth confront the idea of death and fantasize about how they will die. In most cases, the fantasy of committing suicide ends there, with an understanding that life is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

“13 Reasons Why” Star Justin Prentice Gets Real About Bryce Walker’s Sexual Assaults

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There are a lot of things 13 Reasons Why has given us: A great show to binge-watch, super relevant subject material, amazing young actors, etc. And among those great actors are the show’s boys who kill it every episode and in real life.

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This post contains references to sexual assault. While fans are counting down the seconds until the second season of 13 Reasons Why airs, the show is posting clues for us all over social media about what we can expect. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below However, some fans are taking issues with one of the latest posts.

Just a few days ago, the 13 Reasons Why team posted the following to Twitter: Twitter Fans did not like this, and understandably so. Jessica and Justin’s relationship is problematic and arguably emotionally abusive.

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The show is probably the most popular Netflix series among social media users too. We have probably all let our car get a little dirty from time to time, but according to Refinery29, it gets particularly dusty around the Los Angeles area where Dylan lives. Whatever the reasoning, it was still disconcerting for him to find the message, especially as the fan obviously now knows his car and his license plate number.

Remember the scene where Clay keyed Zach’s car? The ending of the series veered away somewhat from the ending of the novel, and many fans are seeing this as a sign that a second season could possibly be in their future. Asher told Entertainment Weekly that he would love to see a second season of “13 Reasons Why” happen, although he said he decided not to write a sequel to the original novel.

With the ending of the Netflix version being as open-ended as it is, Asher did say he would be interested to see what happens to the characters following the conclusion of the first season.

Real-life “13 Reasons Why”

We suggest everyone skip past minutes 38 to I felt sick after watching it and several others whom I spoke to said they felt similarly. If you did watch it and are triggered, please reach out to a trusted individual whom you can process your feelings with. For more resources, check out the resource box at the end of this post.

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“13 Reasons Why” in Real Life.

Since her death, two weeks have passed, but Clay can not get rid of the thoughts about the beautiful and clever Hannah, who died so early. Hannah Baker seemed to be a happy girl, but suddenly she committed suicide. She did not leave a note, did not explain her action, and this fact makes Clay even more unhappy.

And then one day Clay finds the cassettes recorded by Hannah on the threshold of her apartment. On these films, the girl recorded her story, telling in detail about what made her take such a difficult decision.

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There was praise for bringing awareness to the topic in a mainstream way, but there was also a heavy amount of criticism directed at the show for the way it portrayed suicide and depression. Among other things, many people including legitimate grief counselors felt that the show portrayed an unrealistic version of suicide and almost glamorized it in a way that would make it seem almost appealing to depressed teens looking for an outlet. According to the New York Daily News , a year-old Peruvian man appeared to commit suicide this week by jumping out of the window of his home.

He is said to have left behind a suicide note and a series of tapes meant to be delivered to people he knew. In the show, a teen named Hannah Baker commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes that are intended to be sent to her peers. As we said, critics believe that this glorified suicide, since many depressed people considering suicide think of it as the ultimate way to get the attention of everyone.

Critics also believe the show downplayed the after-effects of suicide. So, was this tragic real life incident really inspired by the show? No one from the show has made an official statement about this just yet. The content is complicated.

Christian Navarro On Addressing Real-Life Issues In “13 Reasons Why”

Sure, too specific a resolution and you risk coming across as dismissive or condescending towards complex social issues. In the present, Hannah Baker has recently committed suicide and Clay Jensen finds himself in possession of 13 tapes she recorded explaining the reasons why she did what she did. The second timeline is a representation of the past, as narrated by Hannah through her tapes.

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In TV, being a dead girl looks great. Or Laura Palmer, the eternal teenaged dead girl. They are finally exposed for the monsters that they are. Either way, the girls are no longer shamed as they might have been in life, and their aggressors get what they deserve. All they have to do is stop breathing. Which is a truly terrible message to send to teenage girls at one of the most vulnerable, emotional and sometimes powerless times in their lives. Especially during an age when the suicide rate is at a year high , according to the CDC.

Sam Smith RESPONDS To 13 Reasons Why Brandon Flynn Dating Rumors

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