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Vintage Stanley 45 Cam Part Patent JULY 9, 1901

It took about 30 minutes to get cleaned-up, in came with a lot of rust preventive on it , sole flattened and the iron honed. The planes represent a live, evolving product line that incorporates input from users, experts and the manufacturer to produce the best working planes possible. Commonly referred to as a smoothing plane, the No. Features include soles and side machined flat and square, lightly finished hardwood handles, and minimal tune-up required before use.

Jul 17,  · Type dating a Stanley plane Since I am in the process of doing my usual stuff with my latest tool finds, I thought it would be a good time to go over with you about deciphering the various Type studies and how to use them to come up with an approximation of its vintage.

Second, they feel great in your hand, though some may prefer the closed handle, others may feel the open handle has more space for large hands. Third, they have a nice weight – heavy enough so they get some inertia going, but not so heavy that they are tiring to use, at least the smoothers. Fourth, in terms of performance, they work really well.

I don’t have bedrocks, so I can’t compare, but from what I have read, a well tuned Lee Valley, Lie Nielson, Stanley Bedrock, or Clifton with a sharp blade will perform as well as an infill with a sharp blade, but that as the blade edge looses its sharpness, the infill’s performance will stay quite high while the others will start to decline quicker.

There are a number of conflicting theories to justify the performance: Typically, an infill is equipped with a parallel or gauged iron that is many times thicker than a Stanley, and the cap iron likewise is much thicker than the stock Stanley leading to less chatter. Stanley blades that I have tend to run about. I just checked one Stanley chipbreaker and it was.

The standard parallel iron on a Norris is about. Others suggest that the combination of wood and steel in the plane resists vibration much better than a plane made out of either one, allowing it to take chatter free cuts. The bedding angle for a Stanley is normally 45 degrees. While the Norris angle may not be as consistent from plane to plane as a steel body, using a Wixey digital angle box placed against the blade, I measured a Stanley at Don’t forget, they look cool.

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He couldn’t help the fact that his “solid metal suit” creased when he walked, but he might have made a better job of remaining stationary – especially bearing in mind the film’s title.

Kollupitiya (Colombo-3)

The mystery No 7 Stanley Plane. What a beautiful plane! I had been looking for another No7 Jointing plane for my group participants to use. A good price for a “user”- but there was something about this plane which seemed odd, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it at the time. There were several indicators which told me this was an old plane. Stanley bought the patents for the adjustable metal plane from Leonard Bailey in the s.

Stanley Bedrock Type 1 # C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane This is a Type 1 / 2 Stanley Bed Rock C that dates from – When Stanley first introduced this style of plane they numbered them like their typical line of planes.

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Stanley bedrock plane dating

Off course there were a lot of other things such as planing, sanding and discussing which way the things should look. My parents paid us a visit and my father brought along some old tools, so we took some time deciding which ones we couldn’t live without. We both ended up with some chisels and various other stuff. My mother made sure we didn’t loose any weight, so we had late morning coffee with rolls followed about an hour later by a large lunch.

Planes has a lot of information on how to Tune Up and Refinish your old Hand Plane.. Tutorials on how to make it work better than when it was new.. The content is the methods of refinishing I use when I was refinishing planes a pay for service.

Birmingham, Alabama, Ships to: This plane has some rust and moderate pitting. The horn is chipped and the knob is cracked. The lateral lever is also missing from the frog. See pics for detail. If you are interested in vintage and primitive items dating back to the early ‘s through the ‘s, please click on our user ID and then click follow or save seller. We are in the process of liquidating a 18 year accumulation of thousands of hand picked collectible and antique items.

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It has years of production, descriptions, and sizes of EVERY kind of plane Stanley produced, up until the ‘s. As well as being incredibly informative, it is a delightful read. As well as being incredibly informative, it is a delightful read.

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